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Safety line + strong middle line for 2016-2020 Trust bar QC.

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What's included: 

- Strong middle line

- "Red" safety line




For our lines we use high end product of German manufacturer LIROS. 100 % Dyneema® SK99. It’s the latest technology for flying line or bridle. Highest load capacity with minimal line diameter delivers the best in kite performance. Extreme stretch resistance, even after heavy loads, for precise control of the kite.

Lower lines diameter with higher load capacity and the newest coating technology is extremely important:

-in light winds lower lines diameter makes lower drag - kite performance better.

- in strong winds - higher load capacity makes you sure that your lines won't break when you’re looping the kite or trying to break your woo best.

- even after heavy season your lines will perform like new. You don’t have to worry about replacing you lines every year.

You can use the lines as a direct replacement for your original lines as all our lines have the original measures. We also offer you the opportunity to customize the material to your needs. In this case please contact us before purchase.

Lines specification:

  • For back lines we’re using Dyneema sk99 1.5mm with Breaking load eff. (daN):   445 (~454 kg)
  • For front lines we’re using Dyneema sk99 1.6mm  with Breaking load eff. (daN):  580 (~591 kg)
  • For strong middle line we’re using Dyneema sk99 2mm with Breaking load eff. (daN):  729 (~743 kg)



Warring: Our lines comes in the original measure of new lines. All flying lines have the ability to shrink over time, influenced by many factors such as age, temperature, salty water, UV-light, abrasion etc. That’s why to avoid difficult adjusting were commend to all flying lines (back, front + strong middle line).


 If you replace only one pair of your lines e.g. only back lines, the ratio between the new and the old lines may not be optimal. In most cases this difference can be reduced by the trim option at your bar. In exceptional cases, the trim option isn’t enough. In this case all your flying lines should be replaced or you can try to eliminate the difference by additional pigtails or extensions.